Alvimedica launches the new Alvision™ KAPLAN curves radial portfolio for diagnostic procedures
SOURCE: Alvimedica


ALVIMEDICA, Istanbul, 5th of July 2023 — Following the CE mark just received from the European authorities, Alvimedica announces the launch of the new Alvision™ KAPLAN curves radial portfolio for diagnostic procedures.

Today the trans-radial approach represents the most common access adopted by Interventional Cardiologists due to the reduced adverse events and earlier mobilization for the patients when compared to the trans-femoral approach. The structural and functional requirements needed to address the mechanical catheter challenges in a trans-radial approach, perfectly meet the unique Alvision™ catheter technologies which embed a Flat Wire section Braiding (usually present only in the Guiding Catheter construction) for an outstanding torque response and catheter stability, standing Alvision™ as the benchmark in the Diagnostic Catheter landscape. For this reason, Alvimedica has decided to further enlarge its already wide Alvision™ diagnostic catheter portfolio with brand new radial curves named KAPLAN curves family.

The KAPLAN curves are aimed to address any coronary artery position into the aortic bulb, as well as superior, lateral or inferior coronary take-off to ease any coronary artery angiography which can highlight issues made visible through a diagnostic procedure.

Leyla Alaton, President of Alvimedica, has commented: “In our everyday effort of finding solutions that can make interventional and diagnostic procedures safer and easier to be done, we have decided to widen the Diagnostic Catheter Alvision™ portfolio with the launch of the radial KAPLAN family. With these new curves we want to keep the commitment of being next to physicians in the effort of improving the patient management from a procedural and clinical perspective”.

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